Norfolk - Yearly Membership
1,620 USD  / year
Renews automatically
Cancellation Notice
3 days

Yearly 24/7 Dream Factory Access
* 24×7 access to the space.
* Wireless business class internet access.
* On-site, off-street parking lot.
* Safety training, basic level machine and tool training included.
* Networking with other members.
* Space for a 27 Gallon Storage Tote as needed to keep supplies and personal tools when done working in the shop.
* Trashcan(s) inside/outside for debris and clean-up.
* Equipment access based on being signed off on use, some training may be required (addl fee).
* Long term large project storage is not included (if you need this, we have storage space available a few blocks away for an additional fee).

Yearly Add Spouse (key 24/7 access)
1,080.00 USD / year
Monthly Add a 8'x8' Studio Workshop
240.00 USD / month
Monthly Add a 12'x12' Studio Workshop
500.00 USD / month
Monthly Add a Micro-Studio (our 3'x4' Desk Space)
45.00 USD / month
Monthly Add a 20'x8' Open Studio Workshop
550.00 USD / month
Monthly Add a 8'x12' Studio Workshop
340.00 USD / month
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