Hampton - Quarterly Membership Terms & Conditions


This document sets out the Membership Terms and Conditions that apply to all members accessing the space. We look forward to having you on board making awesome things and contributing to our growing community!

757 Makerspace. operates a creative workshop space at 16 Murray Street, Hampton, VA 23651 and 237 W. 24th Street Norfolk, VA 23517 (the “Space”). 757 Makerspace is itself owned and operated by 757 Makerspace, Inc. (hereafter referred to as ‘757 Makerspace’, ‘us’ or ‘we’). 757 Makerspace offers memberships for use of the Space, including equipment and machinery and holds classes in the Space for its members and guests.


Membership Fees are automatically renewed at the indicated time based on the membership package you selected. You can cancel your membership at any time, giving at least 3 days’ notice before the next renewal date. Just sign in to the membership section of the website and cancel your membership. You will need to cancel your membership at least 3 days’ in advance of the due date or you may be billed.


You must complete all required courses, training, inductions or other approvals before using equipment or machinery made available in the Space and comply with all relevant user requirements. No member should attempt to monopolize any available equipment or tools.

You must use appropriate protective equipment when using any equipment or machinery and attending Classes while in the Space. This may include appropriate footwear, clothing, gloves, goggles or hearing protection, among other things to ensure your safety.

All equipment, machinery and work spaces you use must be returned to the very same state they were found in, or better. 757 Makerspace will use reasonable endeavors to maintain equipment and machinery in working order. If at any time you notice any equipment or machinery that is not functioning properly, please advise a staff member.

You understand that all storage of personal property, either brought in from outside or created at the Space or in Classes, is your exclusive responsibility, and that said storage is subject to approval by 757 Makerspace at its absolute discretion.

Members are not obligated to and should NOT open any doors for anyone at any hour of the day/night. Please allow 757 Makerspace staff to decide who is permitted to be in the space.

You acknowledge that 757 Makerspace retains the right to revoke membership and admission to the Space at any time at our absolute discretion. Alcohol or illegal substances are not allowed to be present or consumed in the Space under any circumstance. In addition, you cannot use the Space, including any equipment or machinery, or attend classes if you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. A breach of this requirement will result in your removal from the Space and can result in the immediate and nonrefundable cancellation of your membership.


757 Makerspace expects and encourages you to respect and be polite to staff, instructors, fellow members and guests. DO NOT use abusive, insulting or demeaning language or profanities in any manner or make comments that are harassing or discriminatory to anyone in the Space as inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.

Please DO NOT touch other member’s work without their permission. Respect another member’s privacy. If you wish to keep what you are working on private, or not ready to details be aware the space is open and accessible by other members.

Please ask permission before giving unsolicited advice. If another member solicits your help or advice, please do your best to help or direct them towards any member of the 757 Makerspace staff better suited to assist.

Photography and video are allowed for personal and community use. If taking video or a picture of other members work, ask permission before taking their picture or videoing them and their projects. Always warn people before using a flash.

Clean up after yourself thoroughly. Please leave equipment, tooling and workstations cleaner than you found them and ready for the next member and/or guest.


Members are entitled to use of shared workspaces, equipment and machinery in the Space during operating hours, pending safety approval by management. Bookings are required and all areas of the Space must be kept orderly and neat.

Specialized Equipment must be booked in advance to ensure availability. Booking is available online through the members section of the 757 Makerspace website at www.members.757makerspace.com. 757 Makerspace does not warrant or guarantee the state of any shared, complimentary equipment provided. All users of the Space are responsible for their own safety. 757 Makerspace will not be held liable or responsible for any injury sustained by using the Space.

If you have book equipment and cannot utilize it during the time reserved you must cancel the reservation. Cancellations must be done online with 24 hours minimum notice. Cancellations received with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a $15 cancellation fee.

No-call, no-shows for bookings will also incur a $15-dollar fee. After 3 no-call, no-shows for bookings, you will be blocked from reserving equipment for 4 weeks. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to a booking may forfeit your booking and is at the absolute discretion of 757 Makerspace.

Some equipment and machinery that either incur high electricity usage (e.g. kilns) or require staff time (e.g. some CNC equipment) may require payment of additional fees to cover costs. Use of this equipment and machinery is only available to those who have taken the accreditation class and have been approved for its use. Booking for this equipment will be done through the 757 Makerspace website.

If a class is taking place when you access the Space, it is at the discretion of the class instructor if you will be able to use the tools and equipment in the Space.

Pet Policy

Well-behaved, friendly pets are welcome however, pets must remain with you and cannot be left unattended at the Space. Please clean up any messes made by pets. Pets should be up to date on shots! 757 Makerspace reserves the right to ask owners to remove their pets at our discretion for any reason.


By using the Space or attending Classes, you consent to 757 Makerspace having full and unrestricted publishing and use rights over any photographs (digital or print) taken in the Space by us or on our behalf in which your image or any of your materials or art, either brought in or created/generated in the Space, appears. You hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold us harmless from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking of said picture or in any subsequent processing thereof, as well as any publication thereof, including without limitation any claims for libel or invasion of privacy.


I understand and acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury, death, and property damage while participating in activities and events and using the facility offered by 757 Makerspace. Some risks are inherent in use of power and hand tools other risks are inherent in making and fixing things generally still other risks may arise from conditions, situations, or activities, or activities of which I am presently unaware. All use of tools have some risk of injury, particularly when used incorrectly and unsafely.

In consideration of 757 Makerspace allowing me to enter and/or utilize its facilities, I hereby release, discharge, waive, disclaim, any result of my participation in any project, my use of 757 Makerspace tools or equipment, or any activities incidental to such use; this shall apply even if 757 Makerspace is negligent or otherwise at fault. I also agree to defend and indemnify 757 Makerspace and hold it harmless for any personal injury, death or property damage arising from my conduct, even if 757 Makerspace is also negligent or otherwise at fault.

I understand that the effect of my signing this document that I (1) assume all risk of injury, wrongful death, or property damage I might suffer while participating in a class or otherwise using the facilities of 757 Makerspace, even if it comes as a result of negligence or other fault of 757 Makerspace, (2) absolve and release 757 Makerspace from the consequences of their negligence and/or other fault, (3) I will indemnify and hold harmless 757 Makerspace against any legal actions or other claims for damages. (4) I further agree to the use of the aforementioned individuals’ images and any images/videos of class project or works in progress on the premises for program promotion and publicity. I understand that I am forfeiting important legal rights and incurring important legal responsibilities.

I understand that certain skills and safety procedures are required in order to reduce the dangers involved in project work. I agree to wear eye protection at all times when in the work areas and to use such other safety equipment as may be required by the type of work I am performing. I understand and agree that should emergency services become necessary, the expenses are my sole responsibility and not that of 757 Makerspace. I agree that the terms of this document bind me, my heirs, assigns, executors and administrators, and protect 757 Makerspace, their agents, employees, instructors, independent contractors, officers, enders, members, customers, directors and shareholders.

757 Makerspace is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred to personal property and/or equipment that you bring into the Space, or generate/create in any area of the Space.

I understand that if a key, key card or key code is issued to me to access the space, I will not share this with any other person knowingly. Should this key or key card become lost, misplaced or stolen I will notify a member of the management team immediately.

757 Makerspace is not responsible for other members negligence, acts of God, Nature, or the Supernatural. I therefore understand that should I become or be reasonably aware of unsafe condition occurring in or around the facility it is my responsibility to notify the management.





Registration and scheduling

A full class schedule can be obtained from the front desk. Classes are scheduled monthly and new classes are added regularly. Comprehensive class descriptions can be found online. It is recommended that you read through them fully prior to registering as there may be specific prerequisites before enrolling in some classes. Instructors, class times, and class dates are subject to change.

Registration for classes is required in advance through the 757 Makerspace website and students must pay in full at the time of enrollment. For Class availability and enquiries please email us at contact@757makerspace.com with “Class Enrollment” in the “Subject” line.

Age Requirements

Unless specified otherwise on a specific class online, children over the age of 7 may attend classes provided a parent or guardian aged 18 years or older is with them throughout the duration, as a participating, paying student in the class. If a class is specifically listed as a Children's class, a parent or guardian is not required to attend but must complete and sign a class waiver and agree to the terms and conditions.

Class Withdrawals & Transfers

In the event you need to withdraw from a class, you may do so 24 hours prior to the start date of the class, and will receive a 75% refund of cost plus any equipment or material fees. Class enrollment is non-transferable: requesting to transfer to another section of the same class is considered a withdrawal. Withdrawals on or after the class registration deadline are not refundable and course fees are not transferable.

Specific Exceptions - A credit of your enrollment fee may be issued for medically excused emergencies (with documentation) or family bereavement. Please notify us as soon as possible to allow time for consideration.

To withdraw from a course please email us at contact@757makerspace.com and use “Class Withdrawal” in the “Subject” line.

Material & Equipment Fees

Classes that make use of tools or supplies may require a material or equipment fee. This pays for in-class consumable items (e.g. clay, glaze, drill bits, gas, paint, screens) and the upkeep of tools and equipment used for that specific class (e.g. pottery wheels, kiln, saw sharpening, tool repair, welding tips, software updates). In some circumstances, students may also be required to purchase certain supplies on their own and will be indicated in the course description.

Missed Classes & Lateness

Missing the first day of a course may be grounds for withdrawal without refund. Please email contact@757makerspace.com if you know you are going to miss the first day of a course. We cannot offer complimentary makeup sessions outside class time or in concurrent or future course sections. Instructors are not obligated to catch students up during scheduled class time for missed sessions or excessive lateness.

Class Cancellation or Rescheduling

Most classes offered must have a minimum of six (6) students registered in order to hold the class. In the event a course does not receive sufficient enrollment, it may be cancelled. Students will be notified at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class. In the event of a cancellation, students will be refunded within 10 business days. If we reschedule a class to another date, students entitled to attend the rescheduled classes or obtain a full refund at their option.

Note: 757 Makerspace reserves the right to change instructors without prior notification, and to change class location and meeting times by up to an hour with 24 hours prior notice.

Class Complaints & Compliments

At the conclusion of every class, students will be issued a course feedback form. We depend upon your feedback to help improve our course offerings. If you have any issue with a class you are currently enrolled in, please either raise your issue with the instructor at the end of the class or email contact@757makerspace.com. It is our general experience that most issues can be satisfactorily addressed before the course concludes. Complaint resolution may involve contacting the instructor and other students. All emailed comments will remain confidential.

Cobot Terms & Conditions

Cobot is the web platform used by 757 Makerspace to provide this website.

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